v To take picture dictionary for the class.

v Teaching through dramatization.

v Personal dictionaries for the class.

v Co- related with other subject of the particular class.

v Using audio-aids for small children.

v Arrange quiz in the classroom.

v Teaching through flash cards.

v Drilling of words.


Activities at Primary section of the Vidyalaya

Ø  The new academic session began on 4 th April 2013 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Ø  The Students of class I were warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of the primary classes with sweets.

Ø  Under the awareness programme, the students of class I were made familiar with their school premises.

Ø  Houses were formed in the month of April.

Ø  FA-I test was conducted every Monday starting from 8th july   2013

Ø  Drawing Competition was held on April 20, 2013.

Ø  English poem recitation was held on July 6, 2013.

Ø  Different activities were held in different subjects.

Ø  Community Lunch for all classes was held in the last week of this month. All the children were enjoyed the food of different state with their friends.

Ø  The time table is designed according to the need of the children friendly curriculum.

Ø  Subject wise activity sheets are being used effectively.

Ø  The CMP which was introduced to enhance the quality of Primary Education is being carried out in our Vidyalaya.

Ø  Conduct of CMP Meeting at Vidyalaya on the last working day of every month.

Ø  Maintenance of students personal file is ensured.

Ø  Purchase of relevant  material from the monthly contingent fund and effective use of material.

Ø  Arrange computer aided learning classes this makes teaching learning process very interesting.

Ø  Rakhi making competition was held on 26.08.2013 in our Vidyalaya. Children are making beautiful Rakhi’s.

Ø  English poem recitation and storytelling competition held in Vidyalaya

Ø   Group song house wise held in Vidyalaya.

Ø  Joyful and child centered activities held and students participated in all activities with great enthusiasm.



KV, AFS, Darjipura.