सी सी ई


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All the sudents are being evaluated as per the scheme of the CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) as per the relevant guidelines of the CBSE and the KVS.





1.  There is no formal examination for Classes I & II. The teacher will evaluate the students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE). The testing can be done simultaneously while teaching or separately. Most of the time the student will not be aware that they are being tested.

2.    There will be minimum 8 cycles of CCE.

3.    One cycle of CCE means that all the students of the class are tested in all the competencies.

4.    They should ontain at least “C” grade. If a child gets “D” grade in some competencies, the teachers should repeat the cycle.

5.    It is therefore recommended that tentatively 10 cycles of CCE should be planned in advance, so as to ensure that at least 8 cycles are completed by all the students securing at least Grade C in all the competencies by March.